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in the company's consumer line business. the ceo was on the closing bell yesterday talking about the economy and the broader business environment. >> it was lacking is enough confidence to take risk toes create jobs. i think that's the big issue here. but people are maximizing what they have. they're not doing a lot of new things. so for aig, we continue to grow. we continue to grow across the board, both in the united states and around the world. but it's a matter of our clients are a little bit more cautious. but i don't know that this quarter or next quarter that you'll see any effect on our business materially. >> and stores products retailer container store, they raised $225 million. the ipo was priced at $18 a share, the top end of its increased price range. stairs are set to start trading on the new york stock exchange today under the symbol tcs. >>> microsoft co-founder paul allen's fund is suggesting microsoft spin off its consumer business. this is big news. the man who manages allen's fortune is now suggesting that microsoft search and xbox business res deextracting from the softw
last year's third quarter. on today's earnings quarter, we have dow and merck. as for the economy, we'll be getting industrial production numbers. pending home sales. dallas fed manufacturing survey. also, toyota talking about under the hood, keeping its top spot in auto sales rankings so far this year topping rivals gm and volkswagen. japanese car sales topping 7.4 million vehicles. that's up .1% from a year ago. strong sales in the u.s. offset slowdowns in thailand and china. joe, what's going on in washington? >>> in washington this week the redskins are probably dealing with what was a disappointing -- because they were ahead. they were ahead by two touchdowns right at the beginning of the second half and things went south quickly. so you only saw five minutes of the jets game. >> no, i know what happened. congratulations. >> thank you. i'm not looking for congratulations really. it's been a long time. people are talking about 25 years since the joe montana beat -- when the bengals got -- and i asked my kids to watch. they were watching when carson palmer's knee got blown out on t
's the fed or it's what the economy is going to finally do because of the fed up another 12 points. a decent session on friday. oil has been a pleasant surprise for commuters from $195. the ten year, interesting on friday got down, now it's back up -- it's been anywhere between the 2.4 and 2.6 handle recently. the dollar has been moving in the right direction for travelers. just recent, 1.35. we could go on to 1.35 which would help a little bit. then gold made its move to the mid 1300s and immediately turned back down. it's been in the trading range for i would say about six months. >> so plausser becomes a voting member next year and bullard is a voting member now. >> fisher -- >> he won't be. >> fisher will be next year. >> okay. >> you have new york, dallas, minneapolis, cleveland, philadelphia. >> i guess what i'm wondering, does the voting actually change the outcome? it sounds like the answer is no. if yellen says this is what we're doing, this is what we're doing. >> may get more contemptuous and more arguing. >> the minutes are more interesting. >> there's joeys and there's boomers.
of the markets. >> yes, he is. >> but his whole thing about the mismarkets is it's based on economy everyone thought. >> not as -- >> here he is, all his call ves come through, but for all the wrong reasons and for something he may hate. >> he'll be kind of honest. he'll be kind of off. and he always like like he has a -- he's got the scruffy -- >> he can go did on walter weiss, too. >> yeah, without a costume. >>> ten-year fed -- >> our guest host today was wrong and he looks like walter weis. >> we always stroke him. >> we do. we love him. >>> they're 2.51%. i thought the fed said we're never tapering. other people said, you know, some earth shattering news that they might be data dependent. how many times have we said that? there's the dollar, 1.36. come on. get down below 1.30. soon. >>> and then gold has had some kind of -- once we found out about the central banks, it's done nothing by go up ever since the article about the central bankers starting to hit a shelf in gold. >>> a number of stories out in washington including a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll. hi, aman. you're goi
. fed watchers say ben bernanke and company may point to softer readings on the economy to signal that the policy will be extended into next year. >>> as for the other items on today's economic agenda, the october adp employment report is going to be released at 8:15 eastern time. it's expected to show 150,000 private jobs were added this month. the whisper number, though, is below that. we'll see what happens. coming up at 8:30 eastern time, we have the september consumer price index. it was delayed by the government shutdown, but it will be hitting the tape today at 8:30. the futures this morning, you can see right now, are indicated higher. dow futures up by about 55 points. s&p futures up by close to 6 1/2. andrew, back over to you. welcome back. >> thank you, becky. it's nice to be back. we have corporate news this morning, the big one being jpmorgan and the justice department reportedly hit a stumbling block over that 13 million settlement over the mortgage bonds we've been talking about for the past two weeks. the two sides are set to be arguing over whether mistakes to be
&p, which is up from $1110. that is a big move in a weak economy. >> we keep talking about tapering so much. >> i'm blaming you. >>. >> i have a quick question about christmas. not you, to you, david. i'm over here. are you looking at me? >> i'm looking right at you. >> i thought you were looking behind me. this obama care stuff, if you're paying 200 and all of a sudden you're going to be paying $1,000, is it enough people to where you say i'm cutting back on christmas or would the sequester cut back on christmas or would the shutdown or does it wealth affect for the stock market and the housing situation being better, does that offset that? >> i think it will be a modest christmas at best. they probably will be successful. >> how could that affect the normal person? the normal person shopping for the family at christmas isn't thinking about whether congress has another argument, are they? >> you know, if we have a debt default, and that's going to be all in the news in disease. >> if you work for a defense company, you might be -- right. well, wa about obama? you don't think the sticker sh
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6